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February 2016
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Playful and analytical discussion on the educational benefits of political satire, multimodal learning (movies, improv, stories, etc), social justice curriculum, and learning how to manage anxiety and isolation. Filmmaker and funny man, Gabe Pacheco shares how he personally navigates life threatening allergies, isolation, and anxiety. Neurodiverse (WORLD WIDE) children are invited to share their stories at storypirates.org. Show closes with Star Wars: New Hope themed bit on how our collective Jungian Shadow may be cultivating geo-political negativity and divisiveness - AND what you can do about it. 


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Marketing guru, best selling author, entrepreneur, skydiver, corporate keynote speaker and creator of the “Faster than Normal” podcast which helps us all unlock the gifts of the ADHD and ADD brain, Peter Shankman is our featured guest. Peter is a spectacular example of the benefits of Neurodiversity. The music for today's show is written and performed by another neurodiverse strong man, James Burrows. And Barb' invites Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum co-author, Nancy Burrows, to share excerpts. Join us as we drop the shame and pathology and learn how to drive our different brains. 

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Xian Horn shares her advocacy work as a biracial woman with Cerebral palsy. Her positivity and flexible thinking focuses uplift teens to celebrate their differences, "Disability was easy, insecurity was a challenge." Horn discusses her work at: the Standing Tall school for non-verbal students, NYU's program for women with disabilities, and Change Blazers an organization whose mission is to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Then in the Barb Asks segment, UCONN's Chris Wenz talks about literacy education and the benefits of #neurodiversity.

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INSPIRATIONAL & FUN! A must hear for young scientists especially those with "disabilities." Howard Bloom LIVES Barb's recommendation to "Sculpt yourself with intention" as he overcame 5 years of not being able to speak, 15 years of being bed ridden, chronic depression, social isolation, and being teased throughout childhood as "The Sickly Scientist." Learn how Howard channeled his beautiful neurodivergent mind and attention to become a prolific multidisciplinary ("Omniology") scholar, author, podcaster, 1000 push-ups a day guy, and creator of one of the most astoundingly successful Public Relations firms in the history of the Music industry. As Howard says, "my disadvantage became my advantage." Tune in for fascinating, uplifting personal accounts with superstars like Galileo, Prince, Joan Jet, and Michael Jackson. Discover "what dances you" and punch through the boundaries of the status quo by expanding the benefits of Neurodiversity.

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Sandi Klein host of the Outstanding podcast "Conversations with Creative Women" highlights accomplished, passionate committed women whose names you may not know but who are doing fabulous, uplifting things in art, science, education, psychology, advocacy, and entertainment. Learn how these "Inspirational Powerhouses" with strong senses of self got to where they are to better know and believe in yourself. And in the Barb Asks section, Jess Wilson from "Diary of a Mom" fame shares her thoughts on the benefits of neurodiversity.

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Gail Saltz, MD discusses her new podcast and book titled, "The Power of Different: The Link Between Disorder and Genius." Her work highlights the connection between neurodiversity and highly successful people. Dr. Saltz joins us in promoting the uplifting theory of neurodiversity and resource rich neurodivergent outliers in human history. The psychobiography of Vincent Van Gogh is reviewed. Tips on how to deal with the uncertainty of parenting, best supports for mild/moderate/severe depression, and how to adapt more respectful and less pathology based language to minimize suffering and maximize potential are also discussed. The BARB ASKS section highlights Dr. Temple Grandin's thoughts on the benefits of neurodiversity and invites you to share yours.

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Community Activist John Tirro shares his thoughts on how to minimize divisiveness and maximize our collective potential. Then Autism Specialist, Jeri Yarber, joins the ASK BARB portion of the show to discuss practical tips learned from Barb and others with ASD labels that practitioners, parents and teachers may use to help non-normative communicators reach their potential in terms of literacy, communication, and contributions.


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The global benefits of neurological, cultural, and political differences are discussed with song writer and community leader, Reverend John Tirro. The truth that emotions are catching is processed with regard to how we may each be the best we can with what we have been given. The team brainstorms on the suffering of isolation and divisiveness then extrapolates on healing terrorism. And in the ASK BARB segment, a physician gives feedback on "presumed competence" as best practice and Barb gives an uplifting message to children with Autism labels. 

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Neurologically the psychological and physiological benefits of giving are quite apparent. Our systems are designed to thrive when we give to others. Oxytocin, the bonding molecule is released making us feel more compassionate, connected and less alone.  Serotonin floods our brains making us feel safe, well, and more confident. And tasty reward molecule Dopamine joins the wellness party and reinforces our giving with pleasure rewarding us for a job well done. The science of compassion is growing by leaps and bounds.  We hear from physician Dr. Ty Heath, who is learning about the power of giving first hand as a scientist and human being. 
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Contributions from Sandi Klein, Jess Wilson, Eli Prislovsky Warwick, Zoom Magazine and Barb Rentenbach affirm that change is inevitable and fortunately so is giving and receiving.   Tune in for “Easy E Theology” a flexible thinking strategy to help reduce anxiety and rigidity; Jess Wilson’s call to action to hear #actuallyautistic people via Facebook; and a Free Children’s audio-book by Barb, E-Cat the Rescue Hero. Illustrations and extra copies of this audio-book may be found on Barb Rentenbach’s Youtube channel =http://bit.ly/28Eloy8

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