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February 2018
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Dr. Rachael Gabriel continues her discussion on the importance of purpose and meaning in teaching -- not sequential developmental orders. Research, policy, and expertise concerning the practicality of labels like dyslexia and autism with regard to teaching is shared. Teaching writing first is discussed as a proven effective option for literacy instruction for neurodiverse populations. Lois' son Eli adds laughter -- which is like s like cross fit for the brain. It engages and strengthens multiple regions. Additional study tips are given for efficient learning and anxiet

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Literacy specialists Dr. Rachael Gabriel talks about popular intervention methods, computer applications, and political policies related to reading instruction. Non-normative communicator's theory of mind is highlighted along with the need to connect meaning to teaching. The practical value of labels and diagnosis are also discussed. And this week's "Ask Barb" is sure to set off the smoke detectors.

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Ten-year-old Indian born Nevaiy who like Barb has an autism label and types to communicate tells his thoughts on teachers, stimming, and respect.  Nic, Nevaiy’s father, shares how Barb’s book helped him learn how to connect with his son.  And Dr. Chris Leche, concludes her discussion on the psychological and physiological healing benefits of being heard. US Army Specialists Andrew Stock’s powerful article, “The Hate” is read and his story of healing is told.

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This week's show goes international. First, India's Mary Barretto shares how Barb's book helped her family and 10- year-old son with an autism label learn communicate and find purpose. Her son has since shed many behavioral problems. Then, Dr. Christine Leche joins the discussion with her experiences in war zones and first hand accounts from Soldiers who found healing through writing and being heard.

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Part 2 of our conversations with Dr. Andrew Solomon, best selling author and Viral TED talk veteran, and Barbara Rentenbach aka "Smother." The two discuss parenting, autism. homosexuality, and the very bright future of those with neurodiversities

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Part 1 of a 2 part series with Andrew Solomon, best selling author and Viral TED talk veteran, as he joins Barb's mother, Barbara Rentenbach aka "Smother" to share personal experiences with adversities and ultimate gains. Homosexuality, depression, panic attacks, raising children with special needs, and autism are also discussed. 

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Barb Rentenbach and Haley Moss share an autism label and their thoughts on the Neurodiversity movement along with passion for social justice. Haley is a 20 year old artist and author, who has written two books on living on the spectrum. Video strategies, DirFloortime, equestrian support, and TEACCH are also discussed.

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The words we use matter and so does our silence. Autism specialists and prolific "silence"  researcher, Dr. Jessica Lester, Ph.D. from Indiana University joins autism expert Barb Rentenbach and Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D. as they converse about the problematic idea that intelligence is predominately verbal. Historical "fix it" therapy and pathologizing language with regards to autism are also discussed.

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Show number begins with news of a federal gag order, which prevents our planned opening guest from being on the show. Then we seque to an incredible interview with cancer prevention specialist Dr. Caren Gallaher. Of course, we close things out with another round of Ask Barb.

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Welcome to the debut of Loud Mute Radio! We are excited to have you along on this journey filled firsts. It's our first full show, our first guests, and without a doubt, the WORLD's FIRST EVER radio show hosted by an autistic mute. So settle in and enjoy! On today's show, we start things off with a candid conversation with Jake Yount - a 15-year-old actor and writer working to instill in all of us our own unique happy place. Then, our featured guests is Jess Wilson, the amazing woman behind the popular "A Diary of A Mom" blog (adiaryofamom.wordpress.com/). She shares loving and passionate insights into the lessons she's been able to learn from raising two amazing daughters, Katie and Brooke -- who, like show host Barb, is autistic. We then wrap things up with Ask Barb, which is your chance to ask this autistic mute your own pressing questions.

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